Alaska Federation of Natives Annual Convention: Alaska’s Extraordinary Cultural Gathering

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Two very exciting things happen in Alaska every October: the annual Permanent Fund dividend is released and the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) Annual Convention, the country’s largest representative gathering of Native peoples. Starting today, Anchorage will host the AFN convention, showcasing the rich cultures of Alaska’s first people: their art, music, dance and traditions.…

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Planning a Trip to the Great Land

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Alaska & Yukon Map with Westmark Hotels locations.

The Ultimate Great Land Vacation Itinerary If there’s one thing we know here at Westmark Hotels—well, other than how to offer our guests truly one-of-a-kind lodging experiences—it’s how to make the most of a Great Land vacation. We’re always getting asked by our guests what we think is the best way to experience the beauty and expanse of Alaska…

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Reeling in the fun at Alaska’s fishing derbies

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Fireweed along an Alaska river

Try your luck at reeling in a trophy fish and you might catch a cash prize! Alaska fishing derbies are a favorite summer activity for visitors and locals alike. Every summer, derbies in several towns across the state attract crowds of anglers eager to win big prizes. But before you throw out a line, be…

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Fair Fun in the Midnight Sun

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In addition to abundant wildlife, stunning mountain views and long summer days, July and August also offer memorable northern fairs and festivals. From state fairs that boast rides, oversized vegetables and fresh Alaska seafood to music festivals that showcase some of the finest talent in Alaska and the Yukon, these festivities in the Land of…

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Why Alaska is a Foodie’s Paradise

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Image used under Flickr Creative Commons license from Nicole Klauss. Farm to table, forage to fork—whatever you want to call the movement, Alaskans have been practicing it for centuries. Some of the most pristine land and waterways in the world combined with a relatively isolated spot on the map means that eating local has become…

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Whitehorse for every traveler

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whitehorse miles canyon

Nicknamed the Wilderness City, Whitehorse in Canada’s Yukon Territory has a special allure all its own. Located along the banks of the Yukon River and surrounded by mountains, Whitehorse is a destination that offers something for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re looking for a fun family destination, a peek into Whitehorse’s history, an adventure…

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