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This photo by Dawn Ellner is used under Creative Commons License

The best part about getting ready for a trip to Alaska this summer is daydreaming about the huge mountains, the breathtaking glaciers, and the breaching whales. When you cannot wait to get up to the Land of the Midnight Sun, try diving into Pinterest for some breathtaking photos of grizzly bears or wildflowers. To help you get excited about your Alaska vacation, we’ve grouped our favorite Alaska Pinterest boards by category so you can find exactly what you want to see.

All-Around Alaska Boards

  1. With over 1,000 pins on everything Alaska from the Northern Lights to wildlife, isolated towns, wonderful sunsets and wild animals, the Night Country board by Shani Smith gives a great overview of many things the state has to offer.
  2. If you’re craving a board that’s lovely to look at, Verlee’s North to Alaska collection might just have what you seek, from a view of the Eldred Rock Lighthouse being dwarfed by the mountains looming behind it to photos of bears and orcas, as well as some native Alaskan art.
  3. This Alaska/Inuit board, with over 2,000 pins, features some fantastic shots of wildlife and nature, and there’s bound be something that grabs your attention.
  4. The loons, gentian flowers, basalt caves and many more wonders on Teresa Meyer’s Alaska Travel Wishlist board offer a tiny glimpse into the variety of lovely sights that Alaska offers. It’s too beautiful to miss.
  5. Whales, train tracks and totem poles feature on Jane’s spectacular Alaska board.

Ice, Snow and Glaciers

  1. If you want to simultaneously be dazzled by the majestic Alaska mountains and cooled off by looking at snow, Jim Herbert’s Alaska is the board for you.
  2. Craving snow-covered peaks and other wintry sights? Check out Jackie Albasini’s board.
  3. The pictures on Winter Beauty Alaskan Style make winter in Alaska seem like an awesome time. Take a look and see if you agree.
  4. These ice sculptures from the Fairbanks Ice Festival are incredible.

National Parks

  1. Lori Tousignant’s board is all about Glacier Bay National Park, the 6th largest National Park in the US, larger than Yellowstone and Yosemite combined. There are pins with breaching whales, calving glaciers and the stunning natural vistas that draw over a million tourists to the state each year.
  2. Meanwhile, Mountain World is all about Denali. Larger than Glacier Bay, it’s perhaps the state’s most well-known park in its vast 7,400 square miles. You’ll find pictures of wildlife and rugged mountain scenes here.

Northern Lights

  1. Alaska is known for the Northern Lights and Valerie’s Northern Lights/Alaska and Betty Seeney’s Aurora Borealis Alaska have plenty of pictures of the magnificent show.
  2. Also showcasing the amazing beauty that is the Northern Lights is Emmalee’s board. One of the pins is a short video that gives you an incredible demonstration of how the lights actually move across the sky.


  1. Do animals pique your interest? Then check out Sue’s Alaska Wildlife board, featuring the wide variety of creatures wandering the Alaska terrain.
  2. For more incredible shots of the kinds of wildlife that calls Alaska home, take a look at Kay’s Alaska or Bust! to be wowed by pictures of bears, musk ox, moose and more.
  3. Looking for truly stunning photos of the majestic moose? Click your way through to Joyfull Living’s Alaska pictures. As a bonus there are some eagles and bears waiting for you there, too.
  4. Take a look at the jaw dropping photos of the grizzly cubs, orcas, Dall sheep, muskoxen, polar bear cubs, and moose calves on Maggie’s Alaska!
  5. The large mammals of Alaska, such as caribou, musk ox and moose are all featured on Lola’s amazing board.

Pinterest is a great place to research your trip to Alaska, or just an awesome place to discover some unbelievable pictures of the gorgeous landscape, people, sights and wildlife typical of our great state. If you have (or are making) a board for your Alaska vacation ideas, please share it with us in the comments.