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Besides watching Westmark’s social media accounts (of course!), get to know Alaska before your visit with these must-follow social media accounts. See photos, stay up-to-date on the latest Alaska activities, daydream about an Alaska vacation or simply catch up on the news from your favorite vacation state.


The Twitter account of a birder, naturalist and “owl wrangler” Nancy DeWitt of Fairbanks offers a window on life in Alaska through photos of birds, wildlife, and commentary on Alaska news and Alaska life.


This Twitter account offers up-to-the-minute news and information about Alaska, including breaking news, features and stories about local events from Alaska’s news sources. See lots of photos of Alaskans making the news.


Anchorage-based photographer, Nancy Stewart offers countless gorgeous Alaska vistas for your enjoyment, putting a vacation in Alaska at the top of your “to do” list.


This nonprofit educational organization wants to connect you with Alaska’s parks, forests, and refuges. Its Twitter account shares events and activities in these wild lands, as well as striking photos of Alaska’s beauty.


The official Twitter site of the 50 million acres of national park land in Alaska. It shares photos of wildlife, updates on research and park events in the 17 national park areas the organization covers.


The nonprofit Alaska Native Heritage Center, located in Anchorage, offers updates on exhibits, dancer showcases, and how-to art events like woodcarving and basket weaving. The organization’s mission is to strengthen the traditions, languages and art of Alaska Native people.


The Anchorage Downtown Partnership posts the latest events and updates on weekend activities. If you’re spending time in Anchorage and looking for fun things to do, this is the account to follow.


If you’re thinking of an extended stay in Alaska, check out the Instagram account of an off-the-grid cabin dweller. See scenic photos of Alaska and its wildlife, and a few of a kitty companion as well.


Get the on-the-ground perspective of Alaska’s nature, wildlife, and hiking vistas on the Instagram account of Edwin O. Makkias. The account also features short, raw video, letting you get the feeling you’re standing on Alaska’s mountainsides with Edwin.


If you’re up in Fairbanks, check out the Twitter of the Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau. You’ll get the skinny on Midnight Sun activities, new tours and places to stay. And the organization shares stunning Alaska photos from its followers, too.


This up-and-coming Twitter account of O’Hara Shipe, a Brown University grad who studied in Sweden while playing European pro hockey, features professional photos of Alaska. It’s a great site for photography buffs, athletes and Alaska enthusiasts alike.


Region 7 of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service tweets about activities, Alaska cooking, news and job postings (in case your vacation turns into something more). This federal agency is focused on conservation and protection of fish, wildlife, and plants.


You’ll see a variety of Anchorage and near-Anchorage photography, including shared photos from Alaska residents and enthusiasts on this Twitter account from, the official travel information organization for the city.


See Alaska’s amazing landscapes on this Instagram account, the official account of the State of Alaska tourism office. All the mountains, lakes, bears and wood bison you can stand.

Once you follow these accounts and get a daily dose of Alaska in action, it’ll be hard to resist a vacation. Pick your favorite Alaska region and book a stay to explore the state for yourself – and be sure to post lots of pictures to make your friends jealous.