Alaska by Foot: A Guide to Footraces in the Last Frontier

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dozens of running shoes hitting the pavement or in motion.

This photo by Josiah Mackenzie is used under Creative Commons License Shel Silverstein’s children’s book “The Missing Piece” tells the story of an incomplete-circle-shaped character who leisurely rolls around looking for his missing piece that will ultimately make him a complete and perfect circle. When he finally finds the piece that fits he rolls so fast…

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20 Gorgeous Alaska Pinterest Boards

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Alaska sunrise

This photo by Dawn Ellner is used under Creative Commons License The best part about getting ready for a trip to Alaska this summer is daydreaming about the huge mountains, the breathtaking glaciers, and the breaching whales. When you cannot wait to get up to the Land of the Midnight Sun, try diving into Pinterest…

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Unique Spring Festivals in the Last Frontier

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People in an assortment of costumes stand on snow waiting for their chance to partake in the annual Slush Cup

Slush Cup Contestants This photo is used under a Creative Commons license by Frank Kovalchek. If you’re planning a trip north and are looking for an experience slightly off the beaten path, Alaska’s spring festivals are a great way to experience the area and its people in a fun and unique way. Rain, shine or…

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8 Truly Adventurous Things to do in Dawson City

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Two canoes that hold two people in each vessel coast down the blue Yukon River with Greenery and the blue sky behind them.

Dawson City is the embodiment of Yukon adventure. Even the journey to get here is exciting – drive through virtually untouched forest and awe-inspiring mountains (be sure to switch drivers so you can both take in the scenery!). Or fly over it all for views that cannot be matched. Once you’re here, the excitement really…

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