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Skagway, Alaska has something for everyone. Steeped in history and surrounded by natural beauty, the “Gateway to the Klondike” is a great place for the traveler who likes variety. There are a number of adventures to be had in Skagway. Here’s a sampling of activities to whet your appetite for Alaska adventure:

White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad

The WPYRR historic railway is an engineering marvel. Built in 1898, the railroad climbs almost 3,000 feet in 20 miles. The ride is at once peaceful and exciting. You’ll see amazing views of surrounding mountains, rivers and lakes. The train bends along the sides of cliffs and crosses bridges that are hundreds of feet off the ground.

The Days of ‘98 Show

The longest running show in Alaska, Days of ‘98 has been entertaining audiences since 1923. The program centers on legendary conman Soapy Smith. Part can-can, part vaudeville act and part history lesson, the show is a good way to spend an evening living the Alaskan lifestyle.

Five ladies dressed in historical "madam" garb stand outside the historic Red Onion Saloon in Skagway, Alaska.

The Red Onion Saloon

This isn’t your average bar. The Red Onion also used to be a brothel. Skagway’s tawdry past has been preserved in the brothel museum inside the saloon. A “madam” is available to tell stories of yore. Take a seat and find out what dolls had to do with the world’s oldest profession.

The Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park

There’s really nothing else like it in the world. The park is in several different locations across Alaska, Canada and Seattle. The Skagway portion focuses on the life of an average prospector. 15 buildings in the downtown area have been restored to reflect the experience of the 1890’s.

The Chilkoot Trail

This is the trail the hopeful walked in search of gold. Needless to say, it’s a difficult trek. The average trip takes 3-5 days, so come prepared. All your hard work will pay off, though not in gold. Along the way you’ll take in breathtaking views of Alaska’s natural bounty, and chances are you’ll get so see some wild animals in their natural habitat.

Skagway is a great place to take a break, whether you want to sit back and relax or gear up and go. Did we miss your favorite Skagway stop? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!