Art, History and Culture: Highlighting New Museum Exhibits Around Alaska and Yukon

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Image used under Flickr Creative Commons license from Maureen. Frosted windows hinder views of snow-covered mountains, Alaskans warm up vehicles in preparation for the mad dash from the cold and the moisture from our breath forms a cloud of fog around every word. Winter has arrived in Alaska. And what better time than winter to step…

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Alaska Federation of Natives Annual Convention: Alaska’s Extraordinary Cultural Gathering

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Two very exciting things happen in Alaska every October: the annual Permanent Fund dividend is released and the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) Annual Convention, the country’s largest representative gathering of Native peoples. Starting today, Anchorage will host the AFN convention, showcasing the rich cultures of Alaska’s first people: their art, music, dance and traditions.…

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Alaska by Foot: A Guide to Footraces in the Last Frontier

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This photo by Josiah Mackenzie is used under Creative Commons License Shel Silverstein’s children’s book “The Missing Piece” tells the story of an incomplete-circle-shaped character who leisurely rolls around looking for his missing piece that will ultimately make him a complete and perfect circle. When he finally finds the piece that fits he rolls so fast…

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Five Must-Sees Around the 2014 Iditarod

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This photo is used under a Creative Commons license by AlaskanDude. “Away up in Alaska The state that stands alone There’s a dog race run from Anchorage into Nome And it’s a grueling race with a lightning pace Where chilly winds do wail. Beneath the northern lights, across snow and ice It’s called the Iditarod Trail.”…

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