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The snow has hit the ground in Anchorage, just in time for our special winter rates at the Westmark Anchorage Hotel & Conference Center. With rates starting at $85.95 per night for select weekend dates and the hotel’s prime location close to a multitude of superb winter activities, finding an excuse to schedule a fun weekend in Alaska’s largest city is really a no-brainer.

Lace up your ice skates and go for a spin around the frozen Westchester Lagoon, set in a modern downtown neighborhood with a mountainous backdrop to the east and Cook Inlet and the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail to the west. On special-event weekends, skaters can huddle by warming barrels while enjoying live music, hot drinks and more than a mile’s worth of skating trails cleared on the ice.

This time of year, hundreds of miles of groomed trails around the city bring cross-country skiing enthusiasts out to play. Kincaid Park, one of Anchorage’s most popular cross-country skiing destinations, has more than 30 miles of trails of different skill levels winding through 1,400 acres of rolling hills and beautiful Alaska scenery. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife; Kincaid Park is home to Anchorage’s largest moose population.

If shredding the gnar is more your thing, strap your feet in some downhill skis or a snowboard and check out the slopes at Hilltop Ski Area in Anchorage or Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood, just a 40-minute drive south of Anchorage. From beginning boarders to Olympic medalists, there are outdoor hills for every level, and several heli-skiing outfitters in the area that will take fearless skiers and snowboarders on backcountry adventures in the heart of the Chugach Mountains.

You may call them snowmobiles, here we call them snowmachines or snow-gos; whichever word you choose, sitting on a motorized vehicle on skis and speeding across the snow opens the door to a whole new level of fun. Frozen lakes and hidden trails on the outskirts of town provide a beautiful escape for the first-time rider as well as an adrenaline seeker. Great for day treks, Chugach State Park offers open trails with views of upper Cook Inlet and the Eagle River Valley.

Anchorage is the place where young spirits and adventurers come to play. Mild temperatures, mountains galore, miles of glistening snow, not to mention delectable dining possibilities and a luxurious hotel room to rest up and recharge – need we say more? Book your Westmark winter getaway today!