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Whether it’s glaciers, mountains, bears or cosmic light shows, the region can make you feel as if every last natural wonder ended up inside its borders. It can be exhausting trying to see all of them! When you’re all tuckered out from a day-long walk in the woods, try giving your legs a rest and your brain some exercise. These five museums in Whitehorse will make you a Yukon expert, and you’ll love the experience.

1.    Yukon Beringia Interpretive Center

“Beringia” was the land bridge between the Great Land and Siberia that wasn’t covered by ice during the last Ice Age. See, you’re learning already. This is the area where woolly mammoths and scimitar cats roamed. The center features fun interactive displays and guided tours that will teach you about the intriguing animals and people who called Beringia home.

2.    MacBride Museum of Yukon History

This 8,000 square foot museum has a little bit of everything, from panning for gold to a Discovery Zone for the kids. Come see an impressive display of intricate First Nation beadwork and tools used in Native American culture. The museum even features a replica Mounted Police Cabin. With so many things to see and do here, you might stay all day!

3.    Yukon Transportation Museum

It says something about a place when you need an airplane to get around. Learn all about life as a bush pilot at the Yukon Transportation Museum. You’ll see a replica of the original plane used to haul mail and passengers around the territory. There are also vintage automobiles and construction equipment used to create highways that are still in use today. These antique machines must have hundreds of exciting stories, if only they could speak.

4.    Old Log Church Museum

Constructed in 1900, the Old Log Church is the oldest building in Whitehorse that’s still in its original location. The museum is full of rich stories about the life of pioneers and missionaries. You’ll want to go just to find out more about The Bishop who Ate His Boots. It’s a harrowing tale that includes being lost in the wilderness for almost two months.

5.    Copperbelt Railway and Mining Museum

All aboard! The highlight of a visit to the Copperbelt is a ride on the short track trains called “Lokis.”  Afterwards, you can learn about different mining techniques or take a stroll on an interpretive walking trail. If the kids get restless, take them on a scavenger hunt or to the play area.

By the time you travel through all five of these museums you’ll be full of so much fun, useful knowledge that all of your friends will want you on their Trivial Pursuit team. Then you can rest easy, knowing that you got to experience some of the cultural joys right alongside the natural beauty.