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It’s almost – but not quite – too late to get your tickets for the Dawson City Music Festival that takes place in July. Pairing the festival with a stay at the Westmark Inn Dawson City would make for a fantastic weekend in the historic Yukon city.

The event’s longevity may in part be due to the fact that organizers sell only 1,200 tickets for the popular festival. The Dawson City Music Festival Association prides itself on keeping the shows comfortable and intimate so patrons can enjoy music the way the original founding group envisioned they should. It is a catchall festival, according to festival producer Jenna Roebuck. Having a multi-genre festival is key to the festival’s slogan, “something for everyone.”

“I wanted to have something for everyone, while trying resolutely to avoid tokenism,” said Roebuck. “I didn’t want just a French-Canadian band or just a blues band, I wanted the coolest French band and the coolest blues band, and more importantly, I wanted those artists to complement the Yukon and reflect all the diverse and special people that live and visit here. A soundtrack for a unique place and eternally sunny summer nights.”

Roebuck said that the event is legendary throughout Canada. Many of the musicians who play at the festival are up-and-coming bands and artists on the verge of breaking through onto the national and international music scene. Some of the artists people have been most excited for in years past are Andre Williams & The Goldstars, Larry and His Flask, Born Ruffians and Hooded Fang, according to Roebuck.

There are usually six different venues around town where artists perform. Conveniently, all six venues are within easy walking distance of one another, so if you can’t decide which show to take in at a given moment, make a tour and check them all out! A detailed schedule of all of the shows can be found online.

On top of great music, festivalgoers can cruise through a variety of vendors located at Minto Park and pick up local arts and crafts or sample a diverse selection of food. Families with children should be sure to check out KidFEST, which begins Saturday morning at 11 a.m. at Minto Park. There will be games, crafts and music for children of all ages.

For a full list of times, events and the line up for all artists, visit the Dawson City Music Festival site. And if you’re too late to get tickets for this year’s event, mark your calendars now: tickets for Dawson City Music Festival go on sale in April.