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Does anything make an exotic travel destination look more appealing than a beautifully-captured photograph? There’s something about a well-framed snapshot of a gorgeous destination that inspires even the most home-bodied individual to considering planning a getaway in the near future.

Ready to stir up those deep levels of wanderlust? Here are some photographers’ travel blogs and travel photography that are guaranteed to give you an itch for faraway adventures.

My Itchy Travel Feet

In 2000, husband and wife Alan and Donna went on a honeymoon to Hawaii followed by a tour of the Western National Parks and then a Baltic cruise the year after. In 2006, a 42-day cruise lead to the desire to document their “active and inquisitive travels” in an online journal. Enter My Itchy Travel Feet, which features great walkthroughs of places chockfull of things to do, food to devour, and views to marvel at.

Alaska Photography Blog

Although he grew up in a small town in southern Wisconsin, photographer Patrick Endres has lived in Alaska for nearly 30 years. His impressive photography career boasts nearly 30,000 images of the state’s vibrant landscape. His creative exploits are highlighted at Alaska Photography Blog, where everything from the Northern Lights to wildlife encounters takes center stage.

Tanveer Badal

Brooklyn-based Tanveer Badal has the rare distinction of being “available to photograph your wedding anywhere in the world.” As a result of his unexpectedly mobile career, he has had the opportunity to capture the scenic backdrops of everywhere from Laos to Jordan when he’s not putting together top-notch bridal photos.

Never Ending Voyage

With the slogan of “because life is short and the world is large,” Never Ending Voyage chronicles the journeys of Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney, a UK couple who sold everything in 2010 and began a live of permanent traveling. Their blog features their escapes as well as advice on how to support a lifestyle of worldwide gallivanting. You yourself might become tempted to pack your bags and embark on a life-changing journey.

Places 2 Explore

Peter Talke entered the world of DSLR cameras in 2005, and has since become a master at the craft of putting together stunning, high dynamic range images (HDR) that allow viewers to see the world in a detailed and highly engaging manner. At Places 2 Explore, Peter presents unique views of locations ranging from Cologne, Germany to Denver, Colorado. His HDR tutorials can also teach you how to take these kinds of photos on your own trips.

Stuck in Customs

Trey Ratcliff has built his wildly popular blog, Stuck in Customs, on the bold and daring promise of “one photo every day,” which he does a pretty good job of sticking to. Few corners of the world have been untouched by his exploits in “photoadventuring.” In addition to his continually breathtaking daily posts, Trey is also well-known for engaging the photography community and providing tutorials and guidance to others looking to develop their skills.