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With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s time to think long and hard about your holiday wishes, compose a letter to Santa and send it off to the North Pole in hopes that he will read it before the big day. You may not know this, but North Pole is a real town in Alaska and home of the Santa Claus House where the Christmas spirit is celebrated all year long. The house was first constructed in 1952 and has seen visitors from all over the world. If you aren’t able to visit the Santa Claus House in person this year, it’s still a great place to mail your letter to Santa.

We know this is a busy time of year, so to help out, we’ve created a template for you, your friends and family to use when composing a letter. To complete the letter, team up in pairs and have one person prompt the other to fill in the missing words. Then read the letter aloud and of course, don’t forget to copy and paste the text into a word document so you can send to Santa at:


Santa Claus House

101 St. Nicholas Drive

North Pole, AK 99705


Dear Santa,

2015 has been a fantastic year! I’m proud to say I’ve been very (adjective) for the past 12 months and look forward to being rewarded with a (noun) or maybe even a (noun) on Christmas morning.

I’ve been (verb ending in “ing”) plenty of holiday cheer to my friends and family this season. I’ve already picked out a (noun) for my (family member) and I have a pretty (adjective) surprise for (person).

I’ll also be preparing a (adjective) Christmas dinner for my entire family. We’ll be feasting on a roast of (animal), accompanied by mashed (vegetable) and a (adjective) gravy. After dinner, my family loves to (verb) before watching our favorite holiday classic, (movie name).

I am so excited for your arrival this year! I promise to set out a nice (vegetable) for your reindeer and a plate of fresh baked (food) for you.


(Your name)