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There’s a reason people who have lived in Alaska for a long time are called “sourdoughs.” Sourdough starter was a necessity for the gold prospectors and homesteaders who traveled to Alaska and the Yukon in the early settlement days because it could last for years and it was a reliable way to ensure there was always food to eat.

It’s no longer a necessity but sourdough continues to be one of the best northern flavors. Find it in bread, pancakes, waffles, pizza crust, sweet rolls, cookies, cakes and much more. We could keep telling you about the mouthwatering sourdough goodies, but instead we’ll tell you about the bakeries that are featuring sourdough (and more) best so you can make a bakery itinerary for your next trip.


Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop (pictured above)

With three locations in Anchorage, it’s hard to meet a local who hasn’t heard of or doesn’t love the goodies from Fire Island. The bakery specializes in using fresh, local (when possible) ingredients to bake rustic, artisan breads. Sourdough, ciabatta, wheat and more are their bread and butter (get it?), but they round out the menu with irresistible scones, muffins, croissants and much more. Many who have tasted a Fire Island chocolate chip cookie have sworn off all others and others swear that the savory breakfast sandwiches are the best in town.

Take a peek at their menu – but only if you can handle the cravings you’ll be facing until you can get your hands on a loaf.


Cheechakos’ Bake Shop

Old-timers are known as sourdoughs but newcomers to Alaska and the Yukon are called Cheechakos. The name has nothing to do with sourdough but somehow it feels like the most fitting name for this Dawson City bakery. Just a short walk from our Westmark Inn Dawson City, you’ll find fresh-from-scratch baking with high-quality ingredients resulting in out-of-this world treats. A local favorite? Pecan sticky buns! You can try to eat only half but we promise you’ll end up finishing the whole thing. Check out other delicacies and start planning your breakfast menu now.


The Cookie Jar Restaurant

It may have all started with a cookie, but The Cookie Jar Restaurant in Fairbanks is much, much more these days. A full breakfast menu is available all day with everything from omelets to hash browns, with a side of house-made bread for toast, of course. The Cookie Jar also serves up delicious pasta, salad, steak, seafood and more for lunch and dinner. Whatever time you visit, whichever meal you choose – make sure to grab a cookie (or two) to take back to your Westmark Fairbanks room to enjoy for the rest of your stay. Get ready for some serious cravings.