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In Alaska, one of our favorite winter pastimes is a day on the ice rink. Our Westmark Anchorage Hotel is conveniently located close to Westchester Lagoon, one of Anchorage’s favored and most accessible outdoor ice rinks. Of course, we know that an afternoon of skating is the perfect winter vacation photo-op, so here are a few tips for turning your activity into the perfect Instagram shot.

  • Go with a friend! Not only is it a lot more fun to skate with a partner and have someone to hold on to when you inevitably slip and fall, you’ll ultimately need someone else to take this picture of you. A selfie is just not going to convey enough of the scene to cut it.
  • Use Boomerang! Chances are you haven’t yet perfected your triple axle, or even your axle, period. With Boomerang, a smartphone app that turns small movements into mini looping videos, you can look just as cool without any real skills.
  • Eat some sweet treats. Westchester Lagoon conveniently provides burn barrels, which are great for warming up your hands, but most importantly for roasting marshmallows. We can’t think of anything more appealing than a few expertly stacked s’mores to fill up your belly and your Instagram feed.
  • Have something to sip on. Show off your cutest commuter cup (like this one here) as you drink some delicious hot chocolate. Picture or not, this is always a key part of ice-skating.

Skate during the golden hour. Heading out in that time of perfect lighting just before dusk is a no-brainer for every photo mission, and with Alaska’s dark winters, it happens even earlier in the day. Once the sun sets (around 5 p.m. in the beginning of February) it doesn’t mean it’s time to stop skating either – a night skate can be a ton of fun as well. Just don’t blind yourself with your camera’s flash and slip!