5 Alaska activities to complement your New Year’s resolutions

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If the new year has you considering new goals, a trip could be the best way to fulfill New Year’s resolutions. Are you hoping to “unplug” more in 2016 or spend more time with friends and family? Perhaps relaxation tops the list of resolutions. Alaska offers a variety of unique and exciting activities that allow…

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Alaska’s Favorite Sport: A History of Dog Mushing

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  The Iditarod is the best-known race of Alaska’s official state sport, but there are dozens of dog races that take place during Alaska winters. Once a basic form of transportation, this popular activity has evolved into a recreational and competitive activity for both residents and tourists. Here’s more about how dog mushing became Alaska’s…

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13 Unique Attractions in Anchorage

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Road-trip enthusiasts love searching for oddball attractions like the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. While Anchorage doesn’t have a contender for that title, it does have plenty of other interesting sights that you won’t find anywhere but Alaska’s largest city. Here is a list of 13 quirky and fun sites you can see during your…

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