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Denali is the highest peak in North America, 20,320 feet above sea level. The mountain is surrounded by beautiful Denali National Park, and in this picture from the north you see Wonder Lake in the foreground.

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis

The natural phenomenon in the skies above the arctic region is called the northern lights. An Eskimo tale records that the northern lights are spirits playing ball in the sky with a walrus skull. Another legend calls them the flaming torches carried by departed souls guiding travelers to the afterlife.

The effect in the sky is actually that of an aurora borealis, caused by radiation emitted as light from atoms in the upper atmosphere as they are hit by fast-moving electrons and protons. In other words, energy particles from the sun collide with the Earth’s magnetic field to create this beautiful spectacle. Many beautiful pictures of Alaska feature the northern lights as a backdrop.

The Portage Glacier


The Portage Glacier is one of the largest of the 1,000+ glaciers found in Alaska. Hundreds of years ago, the Portage Glacier covered the entire 14 mile expanse of the Portage Valley.

Denali National Park


A reindeer walks the autumn landscape of Denali National Park. Mountains, lakes, and glaciers create a diverse habitat in Denali National Park, where the reindeer share their home with bears, moose, caribou, and many other species native to Alaska.

Skiing in Juneau


The mountains surrounding Alaska’s capital city provide a great opportunity for skiers. World class downhill skiing can be found only a 15 minute drive away from downtown Juneau.

Adak Island


Beautiful Adak is the southernmost town in Alaska. The island is near the end of the Aleutian Islands, a string of over 300 islands extending from the southwest coast of Alaska.

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge


The 1.92 million acre wildlife preserve located in the Kenai Peninsula is a collection of wetlands, alpine areas, and taiga forest.



Across the Knik Arm portion of the Cook Inlet, you can see Alaska’s largest city. Anchorage is home to over 40 percent of Alaska’s population.

Homer, Alaska


The small city of Homer is nicknamed “the cosmic hamlet by the sea.” In this photo, the countless fishing boats find harbor in Homer’s corner of the Kenai Peninsula.

Polar Bears in the Alaskan Wilderness


Arctic Alaska provides a unique environment for wildlife. Far away from the busy cities, a polar bear sow and cub travel the Alaskan wilderness.