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If you think you need to wait around for warm summer months to head to Alaska, thinking again! Winter is when the real fun begins. There are many reasons to add a winter trip to Alaska to your bucket list. Keep reading –  we’re sure these cold weather-only experiences will convince you to book a trip.

Get out and play

There are many ways to get out and enjoy the snow in Alaska. Hop on a pair of skis or a snowboard to glide down the mountain. If that thought scares you, try a pair of snowshoes instead. Snowshoeing is a fun alternative to hiking when the ground is covered with the fluffy white stuff. Finally, if you’re really adventurous, consider hopping on the back of a snow machine for hours of fun.

Wildlife viewing

You may think the opportunity for wildlife viewing would decrease in the cold winter months, but that’s not true. With snow in the mountains during the winter, moose head down to find food, which means spotting them around town happens even more in the colder months. Other animals you might see in the winter include bald eagles, mountain goats and Dall sheep.

Catch the lights

If viewing the northern lights is on your Alaska to-do list, you should plan your trip for the wintertime. The specific months vary around the enormous state, but your best bet to see the aurora borealis is from September through March. The dark skies of winter are optimal for aurora viewing. The further north you go, the better your chances of spotting the dancing lights. Check the forecast and plan a night of stargazing and aurora hunting.

Get on the ice

Many of Alaska’s lakes freeze over completely in the winter, and this allows for such activities as ice fishing and ice-skating. A pair of skates and Alaska’s beautiful scenery are all you need to make any day magical, and fishing on the ice is a whole different ball game than your average summer day with a rod.

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