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The frozen landscapes of winter in Alaska and the Yukon covered in glistening snow are not only breathtaking but also offer a new and different perspective on the area’s natural splendor. From bold sunrises and sunsets to a vibrant aurora borealis that dances across the night sky, there’s no shortage of spectacular sights.

We’ve assembled a collection of pictures of the Yukon and Alaska in the winter in hopes of encouraging others to bundle up and face the cold and enjoy the one-of-a-kind experiences. The best part of it all, these experiences are waiting for you just outside the door of your Westmark Hotel room!

Photos of Anchorage, Alaska

1. Views from Turnagain Arm

After some reflection, it was decided that this photo was simply too beautiful not to include! Taken during the golden hour at sunset along the Turnagain Arm just outside of Anchorage, Alaska, this image is the perfect reflection of the stunning stretch of water surrounded by majestic mountains and lush forests. The Turnagain Arm is one of the best viewpoints in Alaska, we hope you can enjoy it as much as we do!

Sunset on Turnagain Arm


2. Anchorage alpenglow skyline

A timeless photograph of the skyline in the state’s largest city is an essential view of any collection of the greatest photographs taken in Alaska. This photo was taken in the in the midst of winter in Anchorage when the dusk sky was casting a deep purple twilight glow on the city, perfectly representing what views to expect in the Alaska winter.

Anchorage Skyline

Photo credit: Jody O. Photos, courtesy of Visit Anchorage

3. A chilly cityscape sunset

The beautiful winter evening light bathes the metropolis — this is the view from Arctic Valley. With tangerine reflections in the Cook Inlet and the outline of the Alaska Range, there is something new to see every time you look at this photograph.

Anchorage Cityscape

Photo credit: Roy Neese, courtesy of Visit Anchorage

Photos of Fairbanks, Alaska

4. Frosted branches

There is plenty of beauty to be found in the winter wonderland that is Fairbanks. A hotspot destination for aurora viewing, those visiting Interior Alaska can expect to see views like this on a clear winter night. Pro tip: if you stay in Fairbanks for at least three days, it increases your chances of seeing the northern lights by 80%.

Aurora Borealis in the winter, Fairbanks, Alaska

Photo credit: State of Alaska/Chris McLennan

5. Glowing ice sculpture

You won’t find a camel in Alaska unless it’s carved out of ice! Professional ice sculptors from all around the world come to Fairbanks, Alaska, to compete in the annual World Ice Art Championships. Massive chunks of ice are used for artists to carve intricate sculptures which are then illuminated with colorful lights and put on display for the public to admire.

Lit Ice Sculpture

Photo credit: State of Alaska/Brian Adams

Photos of Southeast Alaska

6. A bird’s-eye view

This captivating shot was taken of an Alaska Airlines plane flying over Mendenhall Glacier, approaching the Juneau Airport. The glacier, which is almost 10 miles long and glows a beautiful blue hue, is conveniently located right outside of Juneau, the state’s capital city, and is easily accessible to the public. The best time to see it is on a perfectly clear winter day like this!

Juneau mountains in snow

Photo credit: State of Alaska/Mark Kelley

7. A frozen fairytale

Taken in Chilkat Valley, Alaska, close to the Canadian border, the morning fog is blanketing the treetops as winter is in full swing. On a cold day, the water begins to freeze, making this image a great deception of what winter in Alaska is really like. Cold, but breathtaking.

Chillkat Valley in snow


Photos of the Yukon

8. Cold cotton candy

On a brisk evening in the Yukon, wind down the day with cotton candy skies. The winter wonderland blankets the trees and surrounding mountains, shielding the river running between them. Nothing reminds us more to take in the beauty of our surroundings than images like this.

Yukon snow


9. Winter Whiteout

On a cold day in the Yukon, this red fox is on the hunt in winter wonderland whiteout conditions. Staying well in the bounds of safety, this photographer captures the raw lifestyle of what it is like to survive in northern winters. Although this creature looks fluffy and friendly, one would want to keep their distance if came upon in the wilderness!

Red fox


Make your trip a Westmark one

Winter in Alaska and the Yukon is one of the most magical times of the year. From snow-covered mountain tops to frozen lakes, the landscapes are truly unmatched. The temperatures might be cold and the daylight is limited, but there is always new beauty to be found when venturing outside of your warm hotel room. Plan your visit at Westmark Hotels.