Why Alaska is a Foodie’s Paradise

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Image used under Flickr Creative Commons license from Nicole Klauss. Farm to table, forage to fork—whatever you want to call the movement, Alaskans have been practicing it for centuries. Some of the most pristine land and waterways in the world combined with a relatively isolated spot on the map means that eating local has become…

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Alaska by Foot: A Guide to Footraces in the State

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This photo by Josiah Mackenzie is used under Creative Commons License Shel Silverstein’s children’s book “The Missing Piece” tells the story of an incomplete-circle-shaped character who leisurely rolls around looking for his missing piece that will ultimately make him a complete and perfect circle. When he finally finds the piece that fits he rolls so fast…

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8 Truly Adventurous Things to do in Dawson City

Posted in Traveling to the Yukon

Dawson City is the embodiment of Yukon adventure. Even the journey to get here is exciting – drive through virtually untouched forest and awe-inspiring mountains (be sure to switch drivers so you can both take in the scenery!). Or fly over it all for views that cannot be matched. Once you’re here, the excitement really…

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Westmark Hotels – Conventions Made Easy

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Most conferences and work gatherings take place in large, busy urban settings with few opportunities for relaxation outside of the hotel or meeting room after a long day of work. But what if we told you your next conference could offer a completely different experience for attendees? What we have in mind is more of…

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