Get to Know the Annual Anchorage Fur Rondy Festival

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Image used under Flickr Creative Commons license from Mike Jurvud. Maybe you thought visiting Anchorage in the off-season was only for the hardcore dog-mushing types? Well, guess again. If you like festivals – especially those that offer a plethora of fun activities for every taste – then the annual Anchorage Fur Rendezvous Festival is just…

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13 Unique Attractions in Anchorage

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Road-trip enthusiasts love searching for oddball attractions like the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. While Anchorage doesn’t have a contender for that title, it does have plenty of other interesting sights that you won’t find anywhere but Alaska’s largest city. Here is a list of 13 quirky and fun sites you can see during your…

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Oktoberfest in the Last Frontier

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Alaska might be thousands of miles from Germany, but that doesn’t mean America’s northernmost state isn’t celebrating the world’s largest beer festival. Not to be left out of any celebration that includes beer, food, music and fun, the state is one of many to hold its own homage to the popular event. The first Oktoberfest…

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10 Family Activities in Fairbanks, Alaska

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Family Hiking Alaska

No need to leave the kids at home for a trip to Fairbanks. Not only will it be memorable for the Alaska beauty and wildlife, but for the great activities that are designed for families visiting the state’s second-largest city. Fairbanks has plenty of activities that will make for favorite family travel memories for years…

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