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This photo is used under a Creative Commons license by Gerald Seng

The past is alive and well in Dawson City. The Gold Rush boomtown is hands-on history. Modern day adventures seekers can retrace the steps of the hopeful who came to this region in the late 1890’s in search of fortune. Your experience will be considerably less dangerous and hopefully more profitable!  Take a look at just a few of the adventures that await you in Dawson City.

Prospect Claim #6

Take a chance to strike it rich. Claim #6 is a free prospecting site on the banks of Bonanza Creek. This is the creek that launched a thousand ships. You’ll pan for gold a half mile away from the famed Discovery Claim. Make sure to pack an extra pair of clothes, because if panning for gold doesn’t make you filthy rich, it will at least get you dirty.

The Gold Fields Loop

This tour of the Klondike gold fields is a true Yukon experience and cornerstone of the Klondike gold rush. Rent a car or take a horseback ride into living history. Along the way you’ll get a chance to see a working commercial gold mine at Dredge #4, or pan for gold yourself at Discovery Claim. Bring along some snacks for an impromptu picnic overlooking the picturesque King Solomon’s Dome.

Diamond Tooth Gerties

Time to get bawdy. Like the prospectors of old, you too can kick back and relax after a long day in the mud. Take a step back in time as you grab a brew and enjoy the lively cancan dancers and old-timey tunes. If you found any gold, you’ll have a chance to lose it at the tables or the non-profit slot machines (proceeds are donated back into the community). Diamond Tooth Gertie’s is pure throwback, minus the gunslingers.

The Commissioner’s Tea and Klondike Ball

The Commissioner’s Tea and Klondike ball offers a stately respite from the day-to-day life of mining. Held in June of each year to celebrate the Yukon Territory joining Canada, the event starts with a formal tea during the day and ends with a festive ball in the evening. Attendees dress in period clothes. No haughty accents are required, but come prepared to dance the night away!

Great Klondike International Outhouse Race

Okay, this is a different kind of rush. In all fairness there were outhouses in the 1890s. The outlandish outhouse race involves an outhouse on wheels and a scavenger hunt. Participants wear ridiculous, themed costumes and decorate their mobile loos. Visitors are encouraged to participate. Don’t worry; rentals are available for those who can’t bring their own. Our money is on Willie Makit.

Of course, there’s plenty more to do in Dawson City. Take a stroll, see a museum, eat at a great restaurant, and take some time to relax at the Westmark Dawson City. It’s easy to be inspired by the hometown of the famous author Jack London. Afterwards, go home and write your own Yukon adventure story.