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Vacation is the time to get away from the stresses of everyday life and recharge the ol’ batteries. Then why do we sometimes get home from a trip feeling even more tired and worn out than when we left? Try these tips to turn your Alaska vacation into a true retreat and go home rejuvenated.

  • Chances are, you traveled many miles to get to Alaska. Whether it was by boat, car or plane, it’s time to ditch the motorized transportation. If you’re staying in town for the day, forget the cab! Rent a bike or hit the trails to get around. Being active will make you feel good and Alaska’s landscapes are best taken in with full, 360-degree views.
  • There is no shortage of fitness activities in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Between hiking, biking, fishing and foraging, there’s sure to be something for everyone. The options are endless in Alaska and you can truly customize your trip to fit your experience level. Embark on a 10-mile guided hike in the mountains or take a short jaunt down the waterfront trails. Bring a container because you might stumble upon some berries along the way. They are the perfect trail snack and you can even save some for dessert. Have more time in your day? Fishing is an activity that can be either relaxing or vigorous, as well as fruitful!
  • If all of this seems a little too adventurous and you’d rather just completely relax, we have that here, too! Alaska has more than 6,000 miles of coastline. That means there is no shortage of beaches. While you might not be sitting under the palm trees in a bathing suit, watching the tide come in is still soothing as ever. And, if you really love the ocean, a couple days by the water is a great way to relax and still experience the state.
  • Whether you’re shooting for a trip filled with exercise or looking to recharge in a calming atmosphere, nutrition is key. When you’re on vacation, it’s easy to over-indulge on rich foods. Alaska has an abundance of deliciously healthy options to choose from, so while you’re here, eat local! Find a farm-to-table restaurant or order food that comes fresh. It’s good for you, and there’s nothing quite like seafood straight from the ocean.


Alaska is a beautiful place that combines mountains and ocean, city and wilderness, so find the serenity that works for you. You’ll never want to leave, but when you go home you’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle the life’s everyday adventures.